School Bus Crashes Into House in Miami

Elderly owner of house hospitalized as police search for driver who may have caused crash

Authorities were investigating after a school bus crashed into a house in Miami on Wednesday, but no one was seriously injured.

The crash occurred at Northwest 47th Street and 19th Avenue.

Two students from Edison Park Elementary School were on the bus, but they weren't injured.

Authorities said the bus driver lost control and hit the house while trying to avoid hitting a SUV that had run a stop sign.

Police are looking for the driver of the SUV, who they believe sped through the intersection and hit the bus, sending it into the house.

Family members said the owner of the house, 87-year-old Collis McDuffie, was taken to the hospital.

"Right now, he's ok. They took him to the hospital to check him out," daughter Zella McDuffie-Smith said.

McDuffie-Smith said it was more emotional than anything else.

"A big chunk of his house is suddenly gone, I can understand," she said. "This is where we were raised." 

"He's in good spirits, just shaken up about what has happened here," daughter Mary Beasley said. "And most of the time, they are in the front of the house and if they would have been there today, I don’t think they would be here tonight."

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