Mega Agent Scott Boras Refers to Marlins as Pawn Shop After Recent Moves

Agent Scott Boras referred to the Marlins as a "pawn shop" at the Winter Meetings on Wednesday

Sports agent Scott Boras likened the Miami Marlins to a "pawn shop" at the Winter Meetings on Wednesday.

Boras who is known for being outspoken had plenty to say about the Marlins and CEO Derek Jeter. The agent represents many big names around the game and also has Miami outfielder Marcell Ozuna as a client.

"We've seen one of our major-league jewelry stores become a pawn shop." Boras said.

Since the team was sold to a group including Jeter and Bruce Sherman, Miami has sent Dee Gordon and Giancarlo Stanton packing. The Marlins have shed over $300 million in future salaries and they are expected to make more high-profile trades.

"You have a community down there that grew to know four or five star players,'' Boras added. "They have a tremendous outfield there. They have a new ballpark. They have an excitement they grew to know. They suffered a tremendous tragedy and loss with Jose Fernandez. As a community, they bonded around that team."

One player who is considered likely to be traded by Miami is Marcell Ozuna. Boras currently represents Ozuna and has had other Marlins players as clients in the past. Over the years, Boras has worked with Miami on numerous contracts and some of those negotiations included former team president David Samson. After Boras made his comments on Wednesday, Samson chimed in with a response of his own via Twitter.

This isn't the first time that Samson has been vocal about Boras this off-season. The agent has also been critical of Jeter and the team in recent weeks. With Miami's payroll purge taking place, Boras has lost one possible landing spot for his players. While the Marlins would not be considered a destination spot for free agents currently, it is likely that down the line they will be involved in that process.

"Certainly with the visibility of Derek's stature as a player, people ask questions about his decision-making,'' Boras said. "I'm not clear that it is his decision-making. He's not the principal owner. He's certainly a part of the ownership. But he probably hires people to do that."

There has been backlash from fans over the trades of Gordon and Stanton. A lot of that criticism has been directed at Jeter. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred appeared to sense the backlash could occur last month. Manfred tried to smooth things over ahead of time and asked fans to give the new owners a chance.

"I think it's important for new owners to come in, evaluate the state of their franchise, decide where they think they're headed long-term and kind of write with a clean slate,'' Manfred said in November. "Whatever decisions are made, I hope the fans in Miami give Bruce and Derek an opportunity to show what their plan is for moving that franchise forward.''

Miami could trade Ozuna in the coming days, with reports of some trade talks heating up. The Marlins may also entertain offers for other players this off-season.

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