Governor Scott Revokes Order Suspending Former Miami Lakes Mayor Pizzi

Governor Rick Scott revoked the suspension of former Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi Monday, just hours after the Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of Pizzi’s request for a writ of mandamus.

“This is a fantastic Christmas present,” Pizzi said Monday evening. “My name is Michael Pizzi and I am the mayor of Miami Lakes. I’ve always been the mayor of Miami Lakes. I never should have been removed from office. This is a victory for all of the people of Miami Lakes who voted for me and who are getting their mayor back.”

Pizzi was seeking a writ to force Scott to revoke the suspensions that was originally issued when the former mayor was arrested on multiple federal corruption charges in 2013. Pizzi was acquitted by a federal grand jury in August and had been fighting the suspension from office ever since.

While Pizzi won the battle to have the suspension revoked; he’s not getting his old job back as Miami Lakes mayor. Scott’s order lifting the suspension, EO 14-327, cited the Supreme Court to say the new order “does not reinstate Michael Pizzi to the office of the Mayor of the Town of Miami Lakes, Florida.”

The town of Miami Lakes is standing behind its current mayor, Wayne Slaton. The town issued a statement Monday highlighting the governor’s position of not reinstating Pizzi’s

"I was pleased to read in the Supreme Court's Order issued today that once again the Court has recognized my election to mayor on 10/8/13 as the permanent mayor of the Town of Miami Lakes until November 2016," Slaton said in a statement.

Pizzi is not backing down though and said he expects to take office as the mayor of Miami Lakes.

“I call upon the governor and town of Miami Lakes to stop disrespecting the Constitution,” Pizzi said. “I will be back in office in January.”

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