Miami Woman Arrested After Faking Own Abduction: Police

Police say woman made up story to get back at boyfriend

A Miami woman who had been missing for nearly a week was arrested after admitting to faking her own abduction, police said.

Samantha Martinez, 20, was charged with filing a false police report Wednesday morning after saying she made up the story to get back at her boyfriend, Miami Police.

"Ms. Martinez stated that she conspired the whole story because of possible infidelity allegations to get back at her boyfriend," Miami Police spokesman Christopher Bess said.

Police released a picture Tuesday of Martinez, saying she was last seen on Nov. 30th from Northwest 69th Street and 7th Avenue. Police said detectives thought she had been abducted and was in danger.

"This is very serious, we were very concerned about her safety yesterday," Bess said. "We had detectives working around the clock to ensure her safety."

Martinez's boyfriend, who was the last person to see her, called investigators to report the 20-year-old missing after receiving a mysterious phone call, police said.

According to their report, police say the boyfriend called them Tuesday evening to say he had made contact with Martinez. She eventually met with police, admitting that she had been staying with a friend of her boyfriend.

In that same report, Martinez said she was mad because of alleged cheating by her boyfriend. She admitted to having sex with the friend as revenge before calling the boyfriend and making up the abduction story.

Martinez said she came clean after seeing reports of her abduction in the media, not wanting to get the friend in trouble.

Martinez was booked into jail and released on bond after appearing in court. On her way out of jail, she attacked an NBC 6 cameraman.

"The bottom line is you always remain truthful to law enforcement officers and detectives as such and if you have any personal issues, you resolve that with your significant other," Bess said. "Never fake a kidnapping, that's extremely serious."

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