Security Camera Captured Fatal Hialeah Crash

Idalys Quintero, 16, died in the crash, Hialeah Police said

A home security camera captured the yellow Chevrolet that crashed in Hialeah Wednesday flipping over and then skidding on its roof to a stop.

Three of the teenaged passengers got out of the overturned car and then left, the surveillance footage provided to NBC 6 South Florida showed.

“There was two of them that were rounding the corner and I saw the other guy that had stayed here a little bit longer, and he told me that there were still two people inside the car and then he just took off,” witness Yoslandy Herrera said.

The camera also captured Herrera and others flipping the car back over.

Hialeah Police on Thursday identified Idalys Quintero, 16, as the passenger who died on impact.

They also identified Cesar Martinez, 15, as the driver, and Grisel Verdecia, 16, Orestes Pedraza, 16, and Isabel Diaz, 15, as passengers in the car.

“When I saw her she was in the back seat, but it was a very gruesome sight,” Herrera said. “It was very hard to see that.”

A Facebook page was created in memory of the Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School student, who came from Cuba just a few years ago according to a colleague of the girl's mother.

“She’s extremely sad,” William Marquez said. “She says when she received the news she could barely move. Her whole body froze.”

Police said the teen behind the wheel of the car, Martinez, was not old enough to be driving.

Martinez is still at Ryder Trauma Center, but two of the passengers taken there have already been released.

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