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Security Expert Surprised Lone Wolf Attacks Haven't Hit U.S. Already

Homeland Security increased security at some federal buildings nationwide Tuesday based on a general threat and a South Florida security expert said, the lone wolf attacks like the one seen in Canada last week are “going to be in America soon.”

“I’m surprised, as an expert on security, it’s not already,” said security expert Wally Philbrick.

Philbrick has written books on surviving terrorist attacks and said based on his research of terrorist groups; it’s a matter of time before terrorism again strikes on American soil. And while the government may focus on terrorist groups, it’s the lone wolf sympathizer who may be the most dangerous.

“One person can do some serious damage with an AK-47 or a bomb they make at home, or a suicide bomber goes to Disney World,” Philbrick said.

The exact buildings that will see increased security haven’t been identified, but “will vary and shift from location to location, and will be continually re-evaluated.” Homeland Security said the increase security wasn’t a response to one threat, but an overall threat picture.

Philbrick said that even with the increased security, the terrorists would try to pick a location that would give them maximum damage.

“They’re going to do their research, do their homework, do their surveillance, and pick a U.S. target that is not secure, that is open for anyone to walk in and blow themselves up or park a vehicle and blow up the entire building,” Philbrick said.

Philbrick, who has worked with Homeland Security in the past, said the country is a “serious target” and that attacks are imminent. Philbrick said, in his opinion, all Americans should be on high alert in the coming weeks and months.

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