Security Heightened For All-Star Game Events at Marlins Park

As South Florida hosts yet another major sporting event with the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in town, security measures will be heightened over the next two nights at Marlins Park.

To ensure the safety of fans and attendees, agencies from across the area, including the Miami Dade Police Department will be joined by others including the Florida Highway Patrol and FBI.

Included in the additional police presence will be additional K-9 units sniffing for explosives or any hazardous measure as security protocols will be surrounding all the perimeters around the stadium.

“It’s been a lot of planning for the last six months,” said Miami-Dade Police K-9 Lt. Jeff Schmidinger. There’s several layers of security that we have going on, so this is just one facet of the security level that we have.”

Security will be at all-time high during this event, so police officials ask that attendees arrive earlier to avoid road closures and long lines to get in as all fans will go through metal detectors before going inside.

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