South Florida

Sedano's Supermarket Donating Truckloads of Supplies to Bahamas for Hurricane Joaquin Relief

A South Florida supermarket is donating truckloads of food and supplies to the hardest hit islands of the Bahamas after Hurricane Joaquin.

Thousands of water bottles, hundreds of canned goods and baby food are among the nearly 15 tons on their way from the Miami River to the port of Nassau.

The goods are coming off Sedano's Supermarket shelves. Spokesman Javier Herran said the grocer joined forces with local philanthropist Mike Fernandez to give Bahamians a break.

"You know, make their lives just a little bit better. It's gonna be a long road to recovery for them," Herran said.

The food and supplies are headed for the Bahamas' outer islands, the ones whacked the worst by Joaquin.

"We're transporting the donated items over to Nassau, once they get to Nassau then they'll be distributed throughout the islands that were damaged in the storm," said Ron Adams, general manager of shipper Betty K-Line.

The shipment takes off for Nassau Thursday afternoon and is expected to arrive Friday at 8 a.m.

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