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Sen. Bill Nelson Talks Climate Change and Hurricane Season in Little Haiti

Florida’s senior senator visited Little Haiti Wednesday to raise awareness about hurricane season and climate change.

Sen. Bill Nelson met with community leaders and environmental activists at the Little Haiti Cultural Center where the group spoke on a variety of topics including how hurricanes and other natural disasters hit low-income communities particularly hard.

Several people pressed Nelson to come up with short-term solutions for vulnerable neighborhoods should a hurricane hit this season. He also noted how 75 percent of Floridians live along the coast.

"If we don’t reverse the heating up of the planet, the seas are going to rise another one to three feet over the course of the next half century," Nelson said. "That is going to have us along the coast all inundated with water."

The Democratic senator swiped at Republican leadership, saying President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Rick Scott are wrong in not prioritizing climate change. Scott is running against Nelson for Florida’s seat in the U.S. Senate.

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