Senate Candidate on Donating Billions: Over My Dead Body

Billionaire candidate in no rush to part with his cash

As a whose who of America's wealthiest people pledged to donate half their fortunes to charity Wednesday, billionaire U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene said he was willing to join the effort eventually.

But first he planned to have a meeting with the Grim Reaper. After all, you can't take a billion dollars with you to the grave.

So while other are showing off their philanthropic abilities while they are still alive, Green said he plans on getting on the bandwagon after he is six fee under.

"Me and my wife have already set up a foundation and it is our intention to donate most of our fortune after we die," 55-year-old Greene said before making a hasty retreat into a diner to give his campaign promises speech.

Greene, who is challenging Miami-native Kendrick Meek for the Democrat spot in the U.S. Senate race, was in South Florida campaigning about his self-made fortune and how the state doesn't need another politician in DC.

He is worth around $2.8 billion according to some reports, give or take a few hundred million.

But when asked about the U.S. billionaires charity movement called The Giving Pledge, Greene didn't seem in too much of a rush to hand over his cash. He seems content to leave that to the Bill Gateses and the Warren Buffets of the world.

Greene's answer also brought a bit of bad news for his son, Malcolm, who may have thought he would be added to the billionaire's list after daddy's demise. Wrong!

"I have no interest in cursing my only son with enormous wealth," Greene said.

And you thought all billionaire politicians were greedy.

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