Serial Armed Robber Arrested: Hialeah Police

A Hialeah man who robbed two convenience stores at gunpoint over the weekend was behind bars Monday.

Giorgi Guillama, 36, was arrested Sunday night on two charges of armed robbery and one charge of child abuse, Hialeah Police said.

Guillama remained behind bars without bond Monday, Miami-Dade jail records showed. It was unknown if he's hired an attorney.

Police said Guillama robbed the two stores, at 17 West 17th Street and 5 East 44th Street, within a half hour of each other Saturday afternoon.

"He was really calm. He wasn't panicked, no rush or anything like that. He was talking on the phone," said Mazedul Hoque, who was at the 17th Street location during the robbery.

In both robberies Guillama waited for all the customers to leave and then walked up to the counter and demanded cash while pointing a gun at the clerk, police said.

Prior to the robbery, Hoque told investigators Guillama went to the beer cooler and pulled out a six-pack of beer.

"He grabs a pack of beer, and he left his fingerprints all over that pack of beer. So he left enough evidence on the scene," police said.

During one of the robberies, a juvenile was at the counter with the clerk, so police filed the child abuse charge.

Police said they're investigating Guillama for possible connections to other robberies.

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