South Florida

Severe Storm Leaves Behind Flooding in South Florida

South Florida is drying out after a severe storm swept across the region Thursday evening. The heavy showers left behind flooding in the some areas.

Puddles of water soaked up the library floor at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, keeping students out of several sections of the third floor. The water remained hours after a downpour that sent students searching for cover.

"It was flooding. It was flowing like a river, people were skateboarding on the water," Christine Sader explained.

"We went to the art building and the floor was completely flooded with water and I took my shoes off because I didn't want them soaked," Siena Del Mastro added.

Students were seen walking through high water on campus and even the dugout got water-logged. Rainwater came up so high along East Palmetto Park Road, several inches crept inside city hall.

"I heard a lot of thunder and lightning, lightning was everywhere," Del Mastro said.

Portions of certain buildings at FAU will remain closed until it all dries out and is cleaned up.

Northwest Broward also saw some wicked weather Thursday. Heavy rain drenched the Park Isles Neighborhood in Parkland. More than 1,100 residents were also without power throughout Broward.

There have been no reports of any injuries.

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