Brian Hamacher

Severe Weather Blamed for Ceiling Collapse at Lauderhill Home

Several adults and children were displaced after severe weather caused a ceiling to collapse at a Lauderhill home Friday, officials said.

No one was injured when the collapse happened at the building at 1729 Northwest 56th Avenue, Lauderhill Fire Rescue officials said.

"It was raining very hard, thunder and you could hear the water dripping on the roof and boom, it all fell down and water rushing all over the place," resident Nashine Frederic said.

Footage showed water pouring through the ceiling and into the home. Teens who live in the house did what they could to try and put out buckets and pots and pans to catch the water, but it was way too much.

"The whole roof collapse, we screamed cause we were scared," resident Naomi Frederic said. "As we were evacuating more holes started forming in the wall."

The fire department helped escort family members inside so they could gather some of their things.

"It looks like it's coming through a central drain line, don't know if it came dislodged or clogged, or the weight dislodged it but definitely due to the amount of water we received today," Lauderhill Fire Rescue Capt. Jerry Gonzalez.

The Red Cross has been contacted to help the four adults and four children who have been displaced, fire rescue officials said.

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