Sharks a Concern for Residents of Bonita Springs

Some Florida residents have gotten an up close and personal look at some sharks swimming right near where they live.

The group is swimming along the north end of Hickory Island, a piece of paradise tucked away in Bonita Springs.

Residents moved here to enjoy the the beautiful views and the peacefulness, but the unexpected guests now has many residents very concerned.

An eight to nine foot bull shark was seen swimming very close to condos lining Hickory Blvd, and residents say it's not the first time.

Many say they are afraid to go in the water. Bull sharks are commonly found in warm, shallow waters. And they are known for thier aggressive nature.

Residents say people are chumming, throwing bait into the water, which is causing the sharks to return.

And now, they are asking the city to get involved to prohibit fishing and designate the area as a swimming only area.   

That's problematic because the state of Florida makes it a constitutional right for people to be allowed to fish and hunt.

Under the Florida constitution, the power to regulate fishing falls to the Fish and wildlife Conservation commission. The city says residents should call them directly.

Residents say they won't give up and will continue asking for help, so they can preserve their hidden gem in Bonita Springs. 

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