Man Who Killed 2 In Accident Will Stay Jailed

Thomas Cypress will remain off the reservation, a Miami-Dade Circuit judge ruled Thursday.

Cypress, who is accused of driving drunk and killing two tourists in February, will remain in jail while he awaits his day in court on DUI manslaughter charges.

Prosecutor had feared if Cypress was set free on bond, he would seek the refuge of the Miccusukee reservation and try to avoid standing trial. Cypress is the brother of Miccusukee Indian Tribe Chairman Billy Cypress.

Native American reservations are sovereign nations and aren't bound by any law to deliver a tribe member who may be a fugitive from the American justice system.

Thomas Cypress was at least three times over the .08 legal limit for blood-alcohol levels, prosecutors alleged.

The recent allegations are at least the third DUI for Cypress.

A shocking police dashboard video shows DUI suspect Thomas Cypress stumbling his way through a roadside sobriety test in July 2008, just months before his most recent drunken, head-on crash.

In the newly-released video, recorded by Davie police in July 2008, a mumbling, bumbling Cypress struggles to describe what just happened.

"Do you know where you're at right now?" the officer asks Cypress, who stands with his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, I know...Sheridan...not Sheridan, uh...," Cypress rambles.

"Do you have any idea where you're at?" the officer asks again. "What's that major intersection?"

"That's a whatchamacallit it...University," Cypress responds in a slurred voice. "University and this is uh, Sheridan."

"Sheridan and University? Actually, we're at Stirling and University," the officer says. "Close enough."

When asked if he had anything to drink, Cypress says that he had "two shots of beer."

As the field tests continue, Cypress has a tough time maintaining his balance. He nearly falls over when asked to lift one of his legs.

While attempting to walk along a straight line, Cypress takes more twists and turns than a Tarantino movie.

The officer then placed him under arrest.

DUIs are nothing new for Cypress. He was arrested for one in 1997 and 2004. He received probation on the 1997 arrest and the 2004 charge was dismissed.

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