Shoppers Lining Up for Post-Holiday Deals

The holiday hustle is not over yet.

On Thursday, some were looking to return gifts, while others are still hoping to cash-in on end of the year deals.

"I'm taking advantage of all the discounts," shopper Zoila Tapanes said.

Sale signs were everywhere inside Dolphin Mall with brand new markdowns for post-Christmas shoppers.

"I want clothes but I don't want to pay full price," a shopper named Rebecca said.

Although most came to shop for themselves, some made returns and exchanges.

"My daughter didn't like [her pajama]," said another shopper named Elizabeth.

Dolphin Mall management says about 70% of shoppers will be purchasing the day after Christmas, while only 30% will be doing returns or exchanges.

"Today's predicted to be the fifth largest selling day of the entire year," said Dolphin Mall General Manager Pete Marrero.

Stores were also prepared for the post-Christmas rush and stocked up on new merchandise.

"A lot of stores are already showing spring merchandising, but overall inventory levels are fairly good," Marrero said.

Lots of moms at the mall said they focused on their kids for Christmas, so Thursday was all about swiping that credit card for themselves.

"Why not right? Every other day it's for them right!" said one mom.

Crowded hallways, long lines, and lots of spending, but this is still not the end to a busy holiday shopping season.

"We anticipate that between now and December 31st it'll be the busiest that we've ever seen," Marrero said.

And the shoppers agree.

"We never get tired of the stores!" Tapanes said.

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