Sick Gorilla at Zoo Miami Recovering From Pneumonia

Barney, the 28-year-old gorilla at Zoo Miami, has recovered from pneumonia since starting treatment in October

A 28-year-old gorilla at Zoo Miami has been recovering well after undergoing a series of treatments since being diagnosed with pneumonia in October.

Barney, a silverback lowland gorilla, underwent a wellness exam in October where Dr. Gregory Holt, a pulmonologist from the University of Miami, discovered his pneumonia, Zoo Miami spokesperson and wildlife expert Ron Magill said.

The ape was immobilized Wednesday to receive a follow-up exam that would evaluate the effectiveness of his various treatments, including daily nebulizer therapy.

Image: Ron Magill/Zoo Miami

After receiving a series of x-rays, as well as a bronchoscopy performed by Dr. Holt, doctors announced that his pneumonia is gone and that Barney appears to have made a full recovery from his pulmonary issues. 

Several tests were performed to ensure that there are no lingering issues, but the results of those tests will not be known for several weeks, Magill said.

Barney appears happy and healthy and has since returned to his habitat where he was reunited with his brother Shango.

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