Six-Foot Cuban-American Rooster Stolen From Calle Ocho

The 70-pound fiberglass fowl has been missing from its perch outside El Pub since Sunday

Thieves are up to no good again in Miami, but this time, we're pretty sure nothing was (allegedly!) shoved down anyone's pants: a 6-foot tall rooster has been stolen from Calle Ocho.

The 70-pound fiberglass fowl was one of a pair that stood on the sidewalk in front of El Pub at SW Eighth St. and 16th Avenue.

Lest anyone suspect the bird is off somewhere blending in with other 6' roosters, well, that would be impossible -- the missing rooster is painted with the colors, stars, and styling of the Cuban and American flags.

“They stole my Cuban-American rooster!” Pablo Canton told the Miami Herald. The bird was one of many that have strutted in place down Calle Ocho since Canton came up with an idea to fabricate and paint rooster sculptures and place them around the neighborhood.

Canton said he painted the stolen rooster himself, a labor of love that adds a layer of misery to the news it's now gone missing.

He told the Herald that he had only just added a special superglue to its metal plate to prevent the bird from flying the coop, but alas -- a waitress at El Pub told NBCMiami that the rooster disappeared sometime on Sunday night.

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