Slap on the Wrist for Frisky Cop

Probation for toucky-feely officer

The Broward cop who liked to cop a feel when he pulled over women was sentenced to two years' probation today after he pled no contest to two misdemeanor battery charges.

Charles Grady, who resigned from the force last month following allegations that he got frisky with at least two females he had stopped while on duty, will have to relinquish his state law enforcement certification and undergo psychological evaluation under the plea deal.

Prosecutor David Schulson outlined Grady's goodie-grabbing escapades, describing the two incidents under which he was charged.

In the first incident, in September 2008, Grady pulled a woman's shirt away from her chest to take a gander at her breasts.

In December 2008, Grady tugged on a woman's bra strap to jiggle her breasts, Schulson said.

The December victim, who doesn't want to be identified, described the incident to NBC last month.

"What he said was, 'Are those real?' He was referring to my breasts," the 20-year-old woman said. "He grabbed the strap of my bra and he shook it really hard for about five minutes because he couldn't believe that they were real."

Grady left court today without comment, but the December victim, who attended the hearing, said she's worried Grady got off too easy.

"I do have a fear that there are more victims out there, but didn't come forward," the woman told the Sun-Sentinel. "And I do think he may have gotten off a little bit easy."

Grady, 39, had been with the Broward Sheriff's Office for 12 years.

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