Slaughtered Horse Found in Miami Gardens

Gruesome discovery made outside business on Northwest 163rd Street

Authorities are investigating after the gruesome remains of a slaughtered horse were found in a warehouse district in Miami Gardens Wednesday.

The remains were found outside a business in the 5200 block of Northwest 163rd Street, according to Laurie Waggoner, with the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Animals. Waggoner said she responded to the scene at the request of Miami Gardens Police.

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"The slaughter of horses in our community continues unabated," Waggoner said in a statement. "The only difference in this case, is the remains were disposed of in an extremely public area."

SPCA President Jeanette Jordan said the horse was slaughtered while still alive.

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"The agony of this innocent creature must be underscored," Jordan said. "My greatest hope is that the perpetrators of this hideous crime will be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

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