Smoker Hosed by Hubby

Wife gets the hose after husband catches her smoking in the house

A South Florida man tried to enforce a smoking ban on his wife but wound up in jail after he drenched her with a hose and elbowed her in the face.

John Jeffrey Murray started yelling at his wife when she strolled into their Jensen Beach house smoking a cig. Murray then did what any reasonable husband would do: got out the hose and sprayed her down.

But when his wife reached for the phone to call a friend, Murray, thinking she was calling the cops, went ballistic and started a fight. The cops ended up coming anyway after Murray elbowed her in the mouth during the fracas.

Though his wife's clothes were dripping wet, Murray, 51, told police he'd been watering the lawn and that any water that got on her was an accident.

Murray was taken to jail and charged with domestic battery, according to

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