Snake Found With Mouth Sewn Shut Outside SW Miami Home

A member of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Venom Unit responded to a strange call Sunday about a snake found in a peculiar position. The baby Ball Python was discovered with its mouth sewn completely shut.

A family spotted the reptile outside a home in Southwest Miami-Dade and immediately called Venom One.

The discovery baffled Lt. Scott Mulin so much so that he posted the encounter on his Facebook page. "Now, you may think any call I run at Venom One would be strange but this one was a first," Lt. Mulin wrote on Facebook.

Pictures posted online showed the tiny serpent with thread sewn through its mouth.

The Ball Pythons are the most common types of pet pythons and are known to be docile. Officers at Venom One don't know who could have done such a thing to the animal.

121416 snake with mouth shut
Karen Grossman

Lt. Mulin said he was able to get a friend who breeds Ball Pythons to gently remove the stitching. Sadly, the snake's mouth rot after being shut for so long. It is currently being treated.

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