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‘So Grateful’: South Florida Native Ferre on Role in Trump’s White House

South Florida native Helen Aguirre Ferre has been hard at work in her first week as part of President Donald Trump's administration.

Ferre, from Miami Shores, is now White House director of media affairs and immersed in President Trump's first days in office.

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve," Ferre said. "[It's] exciting, you know we have gotten so much done in just the first four days and when you look at everything that has been accomplished, when you look at the executive orders."

NBC 6 interviewed Ferre outside the West Wing of the White House Thursday, covering topics like education, bucking the status quo in Washington and the Trump administration's approach to Cuba, including the recent elimination of the wet foot/dry foot policy.

"He is going to look at all of the Obama administration executive orders and actions regarding Cuba and everything is on the table and will be examined and there will be more news to come from that later on," Ferre said. "The Cuban government was given everything and the Cuban people have been given very little in return and we are going to try to do everything that we can to turn that around."

And what about President Trump's decision to remove The Spanish-language feature from the White House website?

"We are going to have a Spanish language website, we just need a few more days to be able to get everything up and running," Ferre said.

Ferre initially supported Gov. Jeb Bush's campaign, and even had sharp, critical words for President Trump during the primary elections. She has since changed that tone, confident in the new commander in chief.

"This is a government that is going to be moving forward. It is about what people need and want and it's not what government officials need and want and I think that is going to be something very refreshing and you are going to be seeing a lot of great things in the next months to come," she said.

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