SoFla in for Two-day Temp Drop

We hope you washed that one sweater you own

As a by-product of that massive snowstorm in the Northeast, yet another polar plunge will drop into South Florida tonight through Tuesday morning.

For the second time this month, overnight lows will fall into the middle 30s for Monday and Tuesday mornings, possibly tying or breaking records. Specifically, Monday and Tuesday mornings should bring readings around 35-38 degrees in the metro area. A wind chill advisory is in Sunday night until Monday morning with "feels like" temperatures dipping to 25 degrees as northwest winds continue to blow at 10 to 20 miles per hour.

As if cold temperatures at night weren't enough, the afternoon hours will not be warm at all. We'll be far off from our average afternoon high temperature of 76 for this time in December. Instead, highs Monday will only reach 55, with highs Tuesday a touch better at 64.

Thankfully, this cold snap ends quickly, as we'll be back to the 70s as soon as Wednesday afternoon will many sunny days ahead.

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