Some Parents Opt for On-Demand, Virtual Babysitting Services

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As parents are now home with their children, some are hiring virtual babysitters for help, whether it’s for a few minutes to take a conference call, or to cook a meal in the kitchen.

Stephanie Africk, a University of Miami graduate and mom of four, created her own virtual babysitting service called SitterStream.

“I’m a mom of four and I had this idea before the pandemic, and when the pandemic unraveled I said, 'Ah ha,' we have to go ahead with this,” said Africk.

SitterStream is being described as the Uber for babysitting. It’s an on-demand and online tool for parents who just need a short break. Parents or caretakers can book a session online for 30 minute to 60 minute increments and SitterStream matches you up with a sitter. Parents have to be home and cannot leave.

“These are incremental mini moments in your day. It’s not meant to entertain and babysit your child all day,” said Africk.

The on-demand virtual babysitting service says they have different sessions for entertaining your children. Babysitters have access to age-appropriate activities.

“For example, we have 4-year-olds that love to do crafts and anything that we do is very easy and stress-free for the parents, you do not have to go out and get any of these materials readily available in your home,” Africk said.

The founder said she has gotten a lot of feedback from parents who say it’s a tool that could be used now or after the pandemic.

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