Son of Canadian Diplomat Gets Boot Camp, Probation in Miami Shootings

The son of a Canadian diplomat charged in a Miami shooting that ended in the death of his brother and another person accepted a plea deal Friday that will send him to boot camp.

Marc Wabafiyebazu, 15, will spend two years in the boot camp starting on Feb. 25 as part of the deal. He will also be under community control and serve eight years of probation.

"It's real boot camp, they scream and holler at you and you're expected to not sass them back and do what they tell you," Miami-Dade Criminal Court Judge Teresa Pooler said. "You're going to be wearing a GPS monitor while you're under community control. That means you don't go anywhere without permission."

Wabafiyebazu had been charged with felony murder and attempted murder in the March 30, 2015 shootout that killed his older brother Jean and Joshua Wright. Police say the shooting happened when the Wabafiyebazu brothers, the sons of Canadian diplomat Roxanne Dube, tried to rob marijuana dealers.

"I would hide if I wouldn't say it's been difficult but I'm so grateful for the formidable and very humane defense," Dube said after Friday's hearing.

Wabafiyebazu has been in jail awaiting an outcome to his case since last year. He was fingerprinted and sent back to jail as he prepares for boot camp, which starts Monday.

If Wabafiyebazu violates probation he could face 60 years in prison.

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