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Sons of Pompano Beach Hot Dog Shop Owner Accused of Dealing Drugs Also Arrested

The owner of the shop, Louis Younglove Sr., was arrested back in February on multiple drug trafficking charges

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Months after the owner of a Pompano Beach hot dog shop was busted for allegedly running a major drug dealing operation, the business was once again raided and his three sons were arrested on similar charges.

NBC 6 cameras on Wednesday captured law enforcement teams from the Department of Homeland Security and the Broward Sheriff's Office taking down what sources called an expansive organized drug operation at Chi-Town Chicago Italian Beef & Hot Dogs on Southeast 15th Street that authorities said provided a large section of Broward County with illegal narcotics.

On Thursday, NBC 6 learned that three arrests were made in the raid.

Law enforcement moved Wednesday to stifle what sources call a major drug operation that kept going despite its alleged ringleader being behind bars. NBC 6's Willard Shepard reports

The owner of the shop, Louis Younglove Sr., was arrested back in February on multiple drug trafficking charges.

Images released by BSO showed drugs and almost $500,000 in cash that authorities said was found in Younglove's closet.

"This was not like your average street supplier who maybe sold a couple of bags of cocaine on the side. This was a systematic operation to distribute a lot of narcotics. He had a lot of cash," BSO Lt. Andrea Tianga said after his arrest. "This was not normal for your average street sale. This was a huge operation."

Broward Sheriff's Office
Some of the items found by BSO investigators during the case involving Louis Younglove.

Officials said the hot dog shop drug operation didn't stop when Younglove went to jail, with sources saying large sums of cash and drugs were found when search warrants were executed at multiple locations.

Now arrested are the elder Younglove’s three sons: 23-year-old Alan Younglove, 25-year-old Adam Younglove, and 28-year-old Anthony Younglove. All were behind bars in Broward Thursday facing federal charges.

Broward Sheriff's Office
Louis Younglove and his sons

Monica Pereyra, a woman sources said is Louis Younglove’s ex-wife and the mother of his three sons, was also behind bars on a probation violation.

All were expected to appear in court on Friday. Attorney information wasn't available.

Remy Culon, who works at a nearby business, saw Wednesday's raid unfold.

"Flack jackets, helmets, guns, I mean, they were armed to the hilt," Culon said in describing the authorities. "And they blocked just about the entire shopping plaza in every direction."

Culon said every morning for months they would find evidence of drugs when cleaning the parking lot, items he said were given to BSO.

"We started finding a little bag of which was holding cocaine, mostly empty, but sometimes full," Culon said.

Residents living nearby hope this is the end of it.

"Well, I hope they close it down. I hope they are able to move out what's going on in there and get something else in there," Neil Salzillo said of the hot dog shop.

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