South Beach Returns to Un-“Shore” Situation

Only part of Jersey Shore Season 2 will be filmed in Miami

Well it didn't take long for the guidos to get homesick.

MTV has announced that the cast of Jersey Shore will be returning to their original pad in the north east to finish filming of the second season.

While we know this comes as a bummer for some of you who wanted to issue an ab challenge to the Situation, it's for the good of the reputation of South Beach.

The show was orignally planned to relocate to a house on Miami Beach for the full season, but now plans are for the cast to pick up and go home once "the boardwalk heats back up," MTV's website said.

As for now, Snooki and the oiled up girls and guys are still in the 305 soaking up the son and fist pumping.

MTV hasn't closed the door on the Shore crew traveling back to New Jersey with a new member, either, so their still hope for you to join the gang.

Dry your eyes, we've created a nice gallery so you can remember the cast's short stay in the MIA.

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