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South Florida 6-Year-Old Runs Successful Lemonade Business

What to Know

  • When 6-year-old Braydon heard his grandfather and father were getting into the food business, he wanted in.
  • Braydon's business has several flavors of lemonade and sold them out when he partnered with a local restaurant.

When life gives you lemons … you make lemonade, and that’s exactly what one 6-year-old boy is doing.

Braydon Burton is the owner of a lemonade business.

“His father and grandfather are known for barbecue and they said they were going to get back in the business. Braydon said he wanted to take part, so he decided to make lemonade,” said Katrice Burton, his mother.

At first, Braydon’s mom didn’t believe her son would go through with it, but he did. He made his first batch of lemonade and sold it. Then, the little boss man had ideas to take his work to the next level, by making several different flavors.

“He does watermelon, passion fruit. But his staples are blue raspberry, peach and strawberry,” said Burton.

Braydon’s lemonade caught on quickly – giving him a nickname across South Florida.

“People walk up to him and say ‘Hey lemonade man!’ and so it’s always shocking to me to see how many people are following his story and actually care and support it,” said Burton.

The junior lemonade mogul caught the attention of Reginald Noralus, general manager of House of Mac.

“So I felt like you know what, let me give him a chance. We brought him out one Saturday just to sell his product just for one day so he could see the feel of business and everyone loved the product,” said Noralus.

The people loved the lemonade so much that Braydon sold over 100 bottles in two hours and people were begging for more.

“People a few days later kept coming back asking if we had the lemonade. A week later, I called his mom like what can we do to start carrying his product,” said Noralus.

Now, House of Mac has a partnership with Braydon and is now carrying his product. The little CEO isn’t stopping soon – he says he has even bigger aspirations.

When asked where he plans to take his lemonade business in the future, Braydon answered, “All over the world.”

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