South Florida Artist's Work Celebrates Coronavirus Heroes

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His paintings feature characters which look like brave, comic book superheroes, and that’s the point.

“I want to celebrate these brave people, it’s my honor to paint these amazing people,” said Sunrise-based artist Flavio Galvan.

Galvan said first responders and health care professionals, the front line in the battle against COVID-19, are like superheroes to him.

There’s the doctor flying like Superman, the firefighter ready for action, the police officer on patrol, the nurse flexing her bicep defiantly, showing the world she’s ready to fight this outbreak.

One canvas shows a doctor, a scientist and a firefighter charging ahead together. If they had a flag pole it could be the Marines at Iwo Jima.

This effort is personal for him, perhaps because Galvan studied medicine years ago in Argentina before taking a different career path. He’s always had a deep respect for the healers among us.

“I am inspired by their courage and dedication to save the lives of human beings,” Galvan said.

At this point, everyone knows we are living through a deeply depressing period in world history, we feel it every day. One of Galvan’s goals with these works is to lift spirits.

“Yes, it’s my tribute and I put power colors and pop art and I paint in fun because they need the happiness and joy,” Galvan said.

His English isn’t so great but Galvan’s art speaks for him. His brush is mightier than the word. He has made a career with abstract work, but he turned to pop art to make a statement about giving back.

Galvan wants to sell the pieces and donate the profits to help people impacted by the pandemic.

“Yes, they need for food, because maybe now, all people no have work, it’s very complicated now,” said Galvan.

Galvan is hoping his work, like the portrait of a masked postal carrier, can deliver some comfort.

“I want to show my love and gratitude for these people, they are doing amazing work,” he said.

You can see his work at Galvan said he wants to raise money for the neediest during the pandemic, so he’s considering donating profits to Feeding South Florida. His plans, however, are still in flux, dependent on the market for this series of paintings.

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