South Florida Arts and Culture Magazine Bucking Trend

Actually making a profit with the printed word

While we keep hearing about newspaper layoffs and closures, not much is said of publications that have recently been launched or are actually increasing in size.

A few months ago, we told you about a group of former Miami Sunpost reporters who launched The Lead.

And now there is Wemerge, a magazine about art, culture and music in South Florida, which has been expanding its circulation since its inception last year.

“We’re kind of proud to be bucking the trend,” said Renda Writerr, owner of the publication who does most of the writing and sells most of the ads.

“We’re proud to be going against the grain.”

Wemerge is published every three months and it is distributed through the tri-county area.

“You can pick it up at coffee shops, bars, restaurants, art galleries, barber shops, tanning salons. Anywhere that has a waiting room,” he said.

And the first issue just had 16 pages, but the following issues have had 32 pages.

And their next issue, which will be the sixth issue, will have 36 pages. That one is due out on October 10.

“In the beginning we didn’t make any money but now we’re not only breaking even, we’re making a little profit,” he said.

That’s more than many publications can say.

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