South Florida

South Florida Catches Pokemon Go Fever

As if we didn't already have enough reasons to be glued to our phones, now there's Pokemon Go, which is taking over South Florida.

Local players like Jessyca Kallis say they got roped into the hype.

"Social media, everyone is looking at it, everybody's playing it, so you want to go play it," Kallis said.

The app uses GPS technology to make animated creatures appear in the real world around you on your phone, then you catch them. Kallis said she likes it because it gets you up and makes you move in order to play.

"You have to like walk around for it, like you can't just sit around and like play the game," she said.

Even local police departments are getting in on the fun, bringing players together for a more competitive game. But it's not all fun and games. Plenty of people have posted pictures of injuries suffered while playing and not paying attention to where they were walking.

Even worse, one man was robbed outside St. Louis by teenagers who used Pokemon Go to lure him in.

"Someone lures you to a location to try and catch the Pokemon and you're losing your stranger/danger aspect, especially children," Coral Gables Police Officer Kelly Denham said.

Kallis said she's heard of the risks some people are taking.

"I heard people drive around in their car and catch Pokemons," she said. "That's why I don't think some of it's safe, but it's a fun game. Maybe there's more negatives than positives."

The creators encourage people to be alert and play responsibly.

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