South Florida Driveway Wedding Shows Love During Pandemic

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Kris Poff and Laura Hall never thought their wedding ceremony would happen on their home’s driveway.

“We just wanted to keep the wedding date, and we said: 'You know what? Let’s just do it,'" said 41-year-old Poff.

The Pembroke Pines couple met about two years ago, got engaged a year later and now are together 24/7 both working from home.

“I think if you can endure a quarantine like this, and you’re next to each other everyday, we are just a team,” said the groom.

His bride agrees.

“Silly and happy and playful. We wake up happy and go to sleep happy. That’s what it’s about. That’s who you should spend your life with,” she said.

Their driveway nuptials were not celebrated alone. Friends and neighbors planned a drive-by wedding parade in their Raintree neighborhood.

“It was something that was so happy and joyous and for the whole neighborhood to come together for them I’m so happy for them. It was exciting,” said neighbor Lesley Mancuso.

The couple says they held their driveway wedding in order to stay true to their wedding date.

“I’m excited for our forever home, excited to watch our dogs run around. She makes me happy and I’ve just been overjoyed,” said Poff.

The couple still plans on having a wedding ceremony next year because they don’t want to cancel on the local venue and vendors at such a tough financial time.

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