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South Florida Duo Arrested For Allegedly Attempting to Extort Money From Social Media Personality

Two South Florida residents were arrested after allegedly threatening to leak sexually explicit photos of social media star "YesJulz" if the South Beach model didn't paid them thousands of dollars.

Hencha Voigt, 28, and 33-year-old Wesley Victor were taken into custody Friday on charges of extortion.

According to police, the duo contacted Julieanna Goddard, who was crowned the queen of Snapchat by The New York Times earlier this year, and claimed to have X-rated photos and videos of her.

Victor sent Goddard several pictures as proof and gave her 24 hours to pay them $18,000, saying they would publish the pictures and videos on social media if she didn't pay, Miami Beach Police said. 

Voigt and Victor were waiting in a car on Miami Beach when they were approached by authorities. Investigators found the phone they believed was used for the extortion. Voigt, who is also a model, admitted to the crime while Victor’s attorney denies his client had any involvement.

"At this time this is only an allegation and we're waiting for our day in court so we could clear Mr. Victor of all these charges," attorney Zeljka Bozanic said. "I don't have any evidence at this point, I don't have anything that the police is able to link my client to this crime. And from my understanding, all they have is a cell phone that was recovered from a car that does not belong to my client."

YesJulz has acrued a social media base including over 300,000 viewers on Snapchat, nearly 390,000 on Instagram and 127,000 on Twitter. Goddard's popularity has landed marketing deals with both Puma and Red Bull, and the socialite has been seen partying with celebrities like LeBron James and French Montana.

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