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South Florida Family Expecting Fifth Child Struggles With Dad's Covid Diagnosis

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A South Florida mother of four who has another baby on the way spoke to NBC 6 about how difficult her husband's COVID-19 diagnosis has been for her and the family to cope with.

"Covid has impacted us on many layers; personally, emotionally, physically, financially," said Shayna Gonzalez, who is nine months pregnant and due Saturday. "It's been a huge hit for us, and our kids and families."

Shayna's husband, Leonardo, was diagnosed on January 4. Within days, he was admitted to Baptist Hospital with severe symptoms, including fever, chills, body aches and nausea.

"Right when we thought he was getting better, he gets worse, and it's just been a very difficult thing for him, more than anyone, just to have to deal with all those symptoms and complications," Shayna said.

By the end of last month, Leonardo was struggling to walk. His heart rate became irregular and he had an AFib episode, before CT scans showed a small clot in his lungs.

"Add to the normal pregnancy hormones, the stress of dealing with someone who is dear to your heart, and that you love, being very ill with Covid," Shayna lamented.

“My wish is to have him back home so he can be part of the birth experience, and be there with me to welcome our baby boy into this world. That's my number one wish."

Friends and family have been trying to raise money for the couple and soon-to-be parents of five children.

Shayna's message was one of warning: "Please take (the virus) seriously, take all the precautions that are being recommended. It's important, because it may not impact you, but it could impact somebody else," she said.

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