South Florida

‘We're Gonna Make You Dance': How Female DJs Are Changing Club Culture

If you're out at the club, take a look at the DJ. Chances are that it's a man.

But a group of women in South Florida is hoping to become mix masters and disrupt club culture in the process.

"We’re here, we wanna be heard, we wanna be represented, and we’re talented," said Helen Pena, the founder of (f)empower, an artist collective and movement to empower women in South Florida.

Brittany Ann Rose took part in an eight-week course called "Girls Can Spin 2," a hands-on summer class for women hoping to become empowered through learning how to DJ.

"After a while, you just get the gist of it," she said. "Like I wasn’t confident until I got up on stage, you know." 

Professional DJ Pam Jones helped teach the summer workshop.

"You seldom see women doing this," Jones said. "So it’s empowering for these girls to go to a party and say, hey, these people look like me."

The class was a collaboration between (f)empower and music program Art Cortex.

"We're gonna show you our voice, and we’re gonna make you dance," Pena said.

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