South Florida First Responders Come Home After Hurricane Florence

Some of them also helped out Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria around the same time last year

Some South Florida heroes reunited with their families Saturday after helping the victims of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas.

There were signs, balloons and yelling as the lights and sirens pulled up to the Miami Fire Rescue building. Then came the emotional embraces. The families were reunited after almost two weeks apart.

“I’m going to eat some food with my girls. I left them right before we had to go to dinner like two weeks ago and I still owe them dinner,” said Capt. Miguel Ferrer, a first responder.

Ronnie Lindsay hugged his son a little bit harder after rescuing am other whose baby died while they tried to escape the rising flood waters.

“She lost her son in the current,” said Lindsay. “It was a very emotional moment for the entire team.”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez was there to welcome the team back home.

“To me, they are heroes,” said Suarez.

For many, he said this was not their first disaster. Some of them were in Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria around the same time last year.

“They put their life on the line, they have specialized skills, they help save lives,” said Suarez.

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