Martin Luther King Jr.

South Florida Honors Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy Ahead of MLK Day

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Events to honor Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy are popping up across South Florida ahead of his day on Monday. These events are aimed to commemorate the vision and mission of King, who would’ve been 93 years old this year.

Gwen Cherry Park hosted a collaborative effort between Miami-Dade parks, Feeding South Florida, and the Miami Marlins Foundation to help those in the area. The partnership produced around 500 boxes filled with fresh produce and food for those who need it to pick up in a drive-thru event.

“It helps the community out when we’re trying to make ends meet,” said Bridgette King, who received a box. She lives in Liberty City. “We’re just getting back to work and school in Miami-Dade County so I think it’s a good event to help the community.”

Organizers say events like this go hand in hand with what King worked to accomplish – equality regardless of the color of someone’s skin.

“He was just basically a pioneer to try to get a nation to come together, regardless of the race, color of skin,” said Eric Wright, the park’s manager. “This right here, if you can see all the mixed diversity behind us, today we’re trying to live out his legacy.”

An event with the theme of disrupting inequity aimed to commemorate MLK Jr. was also hosted at Florida International University. For more than three decades, an annual breakfast brings people from the university and community together to celebrate the civil rights pioneer’s mission.

At the food distribution site, the VP of ticket sales says this event hits close to home. 

“His story and his legacy is something that I hold true to my heart, and want to get out and give back when we can,” said Andre Luck. “It’s one of our core principles in the organization, making sure on a day like this, we’re getting out in the community, we’re giving back on something that he stood for and however we can give back with the foundation, I think it’s awesome.”

Engagement director TK Owens has more on how the civil rights icon is being celebrated this coming Monday.

People say this event embodies what King fought to accomplish.

“Thank God for Dr. King,” said Jeannette Walker, who received a food bag from the event. “All the things that he did…all those things are still living on. Y’all give the community hope.”

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