South Florida Leaders Meet to Continue Aid Efforts in Puerto Rico After Maria

A group of more than 75 volunteers, law makers, corporate and business leaders meeting again to continue efforts that will aid Puerto Rico and those refugees arriving across Florida.

“I think that's why we are all here today, how to put Puerto Rico back to where it needs to be,” said Dr.Fernando Gonzalez, President of the United States Global Leadership Council.

The first time the group met was immediately after Hurricane Maria devastated the island one month ago. Since then, they’ve provided all kinds of humanitarian aid.

“This I going to be not just water and food, but it's going to be long term,” Gonzalez said. “How do we create an economic development council there, how do we create an economy coming back from this?”

Ana G. Mendez University system has been aiding Puerto Ricans and now are accepting hundreds of displaced students.

“Statistics tell us over 50,000 people have moved to Orlando in the last month,” said Luis Burgos, Florida chancellor of Ana G Mendez University. “So far, we’ve had close to 200 students showing interest in moving from Puerto Rico to our campuses.”

Aid is also being provided for those looking for jobs and ways to feed their family.

“We’re helping them with employment and we enroll into programs so they can apply for benefits and help them,” said Felipe Pinzon from Hispano Unity of Florida.

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