South Florida Man, 92, Stays Fit With 90-Minute Workouts 3 Days a Week

At gyms in January there's a noticeable increase in members exercising, which tends to quickly fizzle out.

Not the case with Edgar Galvin, better known as Buddy. The 92-year-old has been working out on a regular basis for more than 25 years.

"What makes me come to the gym is to keep me in good health. I believe and I believe strongly that coming to the gym here has extended my life," Galvin said.

Galvin, a World War II pilot and the former mayor of Hallandale, turns 93 in a few weeks.

"That active at that age makes him quite unique," said Kenrick Smith, a cardiac rehab supervisor.

But he wasn't always the picture of health. Galvin was featured in a Miami Herald article when he started cardiac rehab at age 66.

"I was playing golf with a couple of fellas and I was teeing it up and all of the sudden I had this heart attack," recalled Galvin.

He's never had any heart problems since.

As the oldest active member at Memorial Regional Hospital's health and fitness center, Buddy is a real inspiration to those who aren't as seasoned.

"He helped me work out and he's a great guy, and when he rides a bike for 30 minutes and I feel like I want to get off I stay on 30 minutes because he did," said Deborah Cousins who had a stroke in her 40s.

“It's inspirational because we make excuses as young people not to take care of ourselves," said Camille Vigo, who is 41.

As long as he's physically able, Galvin vows to keep coming to Memorial's fitness center for his 90-minute workouts three days a week.

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