South Florida

South Florida Man Accused of Posing as Uber Driver and Holding Women in South Carolina Arrested

A South Florida man who is accused of assaulting women while posing as an Uber driver near the University of South Carolina has been arrested, authorities said.

Farris Kaloti, 28, was taken into custody Thursday, Pinecrest Police said.

Police at the University of South Carolina say Kaloti had been on and around campus offering rides to female students. Once they were in his car he would take them somewhere other than their desired destination and would refuse to let them out of the car, police said.

After seeing reports about Kaloti, a Pinecrest detective who regularly visits Wholefoods recognized Kaloti as a frequent customer, and a Wholefoods customer reported seeing him in the store. Police set up surveillance and took him into custody.

Kaloti is not known to have committed a crime in Pinecrest. Officials said they have been in contact with police in South Carolina.

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