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South Florida Man Accused of Voter Fraud Speaks Out

Ron Miller was one of the 20 people in Florida who were arrested recently and charged with voter fraud

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After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced 20 arrests tied to voter fraud charges, one South Florida resident is speaking out.

Ron Miller insists his criminal past is behind him and he should be allowed to vote — he did, and was arrested for it.

“I am a law-abiding citizen now, yes, I have made mistakes in my life in the past," Miller exclaimed from outside of his home Friday. "Yes, I am an ex-felon, but as far as me frauding, no!”

Back in 2019, Miller said somebody approached him outside a grocery store near his house close to Brownsville and urged him to register to vote.  

Multiple people throughout Florida who'd been disqualified from voting because of felony convictions are facing voter fraud charges, Gov. Ron DeSantis said. NBC 6's Steve Litz reports

Miller said he signed a paper and went on his way, then received his voter registration card in the mail.

According to authorities, Miller illegally voted in the presidential election of 2020. 

The reason: The person who registered Miller apparently didn’t check the box on the voter application form saying that as a former felon, his voting rights have been restored.

Also, Miller was convicted of murder back in 1988 and served six years in prison. In Florida, people guilty of murder or sex crimes can never have their voting rights restored.

So by voting, authorities said Miller broke Florida law. 

DeSantis announced Thursday that the new Office of Election Crimes and Security is being aggressive when it comes to voter fraud, cracking down on target ballot harvesting, unsolicited mail-in ballots, the authentication of mail-in ballots, ballots cast from other states, and much more.

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