South Florida Man Discusses Experience with COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

NBC Universal, Inc.

While a vaccine for the coronavirus is on the horizon, research and clinical studies still must continue throughout the country, and one South Florida man says he is doing his part to put an end to the pandemic.

In July, Ernesto Orsetti signed up to be part of a local trial program and has been preparing for the upcoming vaccine for months.

"You cannot travel for 3 months, you cannot be exposed to the virus and be in completely healthy," Orsetti said,

The 51-year-old Miami Beach resident said his first injection of the vaccine will happen next Tuesday - whether or not he will receive an actual dose is not entirely clear.

Either way, Orsetti he's just happy to be part of an important discovery.

"I'm very happy, because this is a very important discovery to get the cure finally and stop the spread of the virus," Orsetti said.

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