South Florida Man, Dog Reunited After 5 Years at Same Place Where Friendship Began

A South Florida dog who ran away from home in 2008 was reunited with his owner – at the same place where the man adopted him as a puppy.

Bobby the dog was found in southwest Miami-Dade on Monday and brought to Miami-Dade Animal Services in Medley. That’s where his owner Geraldo Umana finally saw him again after five long years apart.

"When they call me I came here to make sure it was him,” Umana said. “So after I saw him I called the kids, and they were very excited.”

Umana petted and hugged his pet with perhaps a little more enthusiasm than the last time he saw him. Meanwhile, Bobby wagged his tail – and with a few pounds to lose, he appears to have been well taken care of during his adventure.

Though Bobby was gone for a long time, Umana and his daughters never lost hope, and never quit searching for him.

They were reunited thanks to a microchip, linked to a national database, that Bobby's owner didn't even know the dog had.

"When we adopt from here, they put a microchip on him. I didn't know that,” Umana said.

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