South Florida

South Florida Man Bites Woman's Chin After She Refuses Sex

A South Florida man is accused of biting off a piece of a woman's chin when she refused to have sex with him, police say.

Nicardo Nicholas Satahoo, 32, faces charges of aggravated battery and violating a restraining order.

Boca Raton Police say the incident occurred at the home of the home of the 29-year-old woman on Sept. 26. A restraining order against Satahoo has been in effect since January, but the woman told police they were in process of getting back together after breaking up. She has three children with Satahoo.

According to the police report, Satahoo twice asked the woman to engage in sexual intercourse. When the woman refused to have sex, he attacked her- biting her once in the arm and then the chin.

The woman suffered small cuts to her hands, arm, and had dime-sized chunk of her chin missing as a result of the bite, police say.

The victim drove herself to Boca Raton Regional Hospital, where the medical staff told her she may need plastic surgery to avoid permanent disfigurement.

Satahoo has previously been arrested four times since either aggravated assault and aggravated battery, records show.

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