South Florida Mother-Daughter Duo Breaking Barriers in Construction Industry

This mother daughter team, with the help of their employees, have grown RCC into what it is today

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A mother and daughter team are behind dozens of projects throughout South Florida and are breaking down barriers one building at a time.

Their hope is to inspire more women and break the stereotype when it comes to construction.

“I was very determined, I have two daughters that I wanted to make sure I was a role model for them first and foremost so they would know anything they chose to do, they would be able to do,” said Beverly Raphael-Altman, CEO and chairwoman of RCC Associates.

Altman’s late husband, Richard, founded the company in 1971 and sadly lost his battle with cancer in 1998. After her loss, Altman decided to make it her mission to amplify the success of RCC.

“Women didn’t think they could have careers in construction, so that was a challenge coming in as a woman,” says Altman.

Altman quickly broke that stereotype as she helped grow RCC Associates into one of the largest woman-owned businesses in South Florida.

“I think I learned a lot from my mom. You don’t have to be the loudest voice in the room. I don’t talk unless I have something important to say and I think that’s kind of given me a little bit more credibility,” said Robyn Raphael-Dynan, President of RCC Associates.

Like mother, like daughter. Dynan followed in her mom’s footsteps also becoming a woman in construction. Now a mom herself, Dynan hopes to not only inspire her own children to break barriers, but also anyone who has hopes of doing something out of the box.

“I like coming in under the radar when people don’t expect you to not really know what you’re talking about and then, all of a sudden, you say something and they actually say she does know what she’s doing,” said Dynan.

This mother daughter team, with the help of their employees, have grown RCC into what it is today. Once generating $19 million in revenue in 1998, now they generate more than $100 million.

RCC’s latest project, Moxie’s, is currently under construction. It’ll be a new sports bar in Fort Lauderdale on the bottom level of the main Las Olas neighborhood and will be complete this November.

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