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South Florida Music Store Sign Destroyed Twice in Six Months

It has been a bad case of deja vu for a music store owner in South Florida. After finally replacing a vintage store sign that was destroyed by a drunk driver, he's now saving again for a new sign after a driver destroyed the replacement.

"Here we are again, six months later," said Jerry Arbelaez of Music Arts Enterprises.

It's a sign saga for MAE in Fort Lauderdale off Davie Boulevard. Just six months after repairing their store sign, which was destroyed by a drunk driver, another car obliterated it again.

The replacement sign was struck by a driver over the weekend. Thankfully, the people inside the vehicle were okay, but they left behind a lot of damage.

MAE's sign is destroyed and the manager of the music store said he's literally picking up the pieces again.

"Just two days ago, it happened again. We can't believe it," Arbelaez said.

The original sign was from the 80's and it cost a pretty penny to replace.

"The sign itself to repair and to get this one out here was $15,000," Arbelaez explained.

It's business as usual for the store, but they're going to have to open their wallets once more. They estimate the replacement sign will cost another $15,000.

MAE has had some unfortunate luck twice, but they're staying positive. They're hoping customers can help them regroup and raise money for another new sign.

"We're going to get it fixed again and it should happen hopefully faster than six months. This is just another thing that we're going to get through and it's just very sad that this had to happen to our sign. We just really want people to drive safe, especially on Davie Boulevard," Arbelaez said.

If you'd like to help MAE by making a donation for another replacement sign, click here or call (954) 581-2203.

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