South Florida

South Florida Schools Hold Vigils for Victims of Paris Attacks

Somber candlelight vigils were held Wednesday in South Florida for the victims of the Paris attacks.

One vigil was held at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, and another was held at Florida International University.

At FIU, dozens of people showed up for the vigil. The woman who organized the event just found out on Tuesday that someone she knew was identified among the deceased victims.

"She was with me in high school. She's 23. She was 23 about to turn 24 in December," said Morgane Fournie, FIU graduate.

Fournie organized the vigil. She's from France, and her heart is heavy after what happened in her homeland.

"It was just my way to express what I'm feeling and I tried to prepare something that was not political," Fournie said.

The Consul General of France, Philippe Letrilliart, expressed gratitude for all the support, "Because it may seem a little thing but this gesture is important. It means that you are committed."

He also went to the vigil at UM.

The evening of remembrance was capped with vocals from the FIU HEARTbeats. Students also paused for 129 seconds; one second for each victim who died.

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