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South Florida Scientists, Environmentalists React to Climate Change Report

Monday's United Nations on climate change elicits local reactions

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Many local environmentalists and scientists are reacting to the United Nations report released Monday saying that climate change is accelerating.

"We know already that communities are dealing with flooding and sea level rise that's a real threat to our coastal communities," said Morgan Folger from Environmental Florida.

Miami-Dade County specialists who study climate change are offering their recommendations.

"You start going into how you design the buildings. If you have an existing building you might be doing floodproofing, and some homes are of a nature that can be elevated," said James Murley with the county.

Besides those tips, Miami-Dade County officials are now partnering with the state to offer voluntary buyout programs for homes in flood-prone areas. 

Experts also recommend switching to solar energy, using electric vehicles and eating a mostly plant-based diet to help curtail climate change in our backyard.

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