South Florida Startup Focuses on Squeezing the Most Out of Your Budget

Squeezing the most out of your budget seems like a time-consuming task, but a South Florida company says they have created a user-friendly website to help consumers save time and money.

Squeeze.com is a free site that provides the latest deals on reoccurring household bill in one place. The site provides comparison engines for expenses such as auto insurance, renters' insurance, mortgage rates, cell phone service, cable and internet.

"Saving is really difficult for the average consumer," Squeeze Chief Operating Officer Brent Campbell said.

According to Campbell, the tech start-up is two years old and the company focuses on providing a one-stop shop for recurring bills.

"You can come in and say you know what I need to save on mobile plans, internet plans, streaming services, insurance, personal loans, whatever amenities, whatever it may be, we have a solution for you," said Campbell.

I tested out the site using my own monthly bills.

It took 25 minutes to complete price comparisons on auto insurance, cell phone service, internet, cable and renter's insurance.

I found cheaper rates for auto insurance, cell phone service, internet, and cable. It totalled a potential savings of $124 per month.

But when I tried to find cheaper renter's insurance the site gave me an error message stating, "The state specified cannot be covered at this time."

"We offer savings on renter's insurance in approximately 20 states," Campbell said. "We are working hard to add more partners each month including coverage in Florida."

Squeeze plans to improve their mobile app before the end of the year. Campbell said consumers will be able to upload their financial documents and the app will recommend the best deals based on your spending.

"Our goal is working through those products and tools that are really going to save the consumer money," said Campbell.

The website is free and you don't have to log in to use the site but Campbell says creating a user profile will help the site select the best deals for you.

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